The Swedish Postcode Foundation’s vision is to contribute to a sustainable development for people, animals and nature by supporting charitable projects in Sweden and internationally. Our project support is distributed towards two main thematic areas: people’s living conditions and the environment. We support limited duration projects where the main selection criteria is that they should address current challenges and be able to demonstrate sustainable results.

As a beneficiary of the Swedish Postcode Lottery the Swedish Postcode Foundation takes part in the annual distribution of lottery surplus to charity.

Antar kampen. En av miljontals landminor i Kambodja har lokaliserats och är på väg att grävas upp av Cambodian Mine Action Centre. Just den här minan är placerad en halv decimeter under markytan och döljer sig i gropens bortre ände.

One of millions of landmines in Cambodia has been located and is about to be dug up by the Cambodian Mine Action Centre.

 A flora of projects

The Swedish Postcode Foundation provides financial support to a variety of projects across both geographical and thematic boundaries. The projects usually last one year and range from grassroots to policy level. This variation creates positive changes through a dynamic multitude of actions and effects on several levels.

Worth preserving. Fauna & Flora works amongst others to provide sustainable protection to the fruit and nut forests in Central Asia and save Malus Niedzwetzkyana – an apple variety which is eaten and appreciated all over the world. PHOTO: CHRIS LOADES/FFI

Added value

Providing financial support is a central part of the Swedish Postcode Foundation’s work. But on some occasions we can also help with contacts and suggest collaborations that develop organisations and their projects. A number of initiatives have been supported where different actors have worked together to achieve a greater impact.

Linda Hellquist från Giving People intervjuas under en lunchföreläsning, arrangerad av PostkodStiftelsen, för att dela med sig av sitt inspirerande engagemang.

Linda Hellquist from Giving People is sharing her inspiring commitment during a lunch lecture.

Inspiring collaborations

It is important for the Swedish Postcode Foundation to work closely with the organisations that receive project support. This is partly because it becomes easier to share the knowledge, but also so they can inspire each other to find new solutions

In September 2014 the Swedish Postcode Foundation organized a conference on Power measurement and communication where different organizations were invited. PHOTO: MAGNUS SANDBERG