The spread of humans across Africa means that large parts of its national parks are under threat. Animals are killed by poachers and illegal logging is taking place continuously.  Additionally, human settlements in park areas mean that the animals are forced to live in less space.

African Parks Network works to conserve biodiversity while helping local people improve their living conditions. The method is unique and established in collaboration with both the national authorities and the people who live in and around the parks.

The Swedish Postcode Foundation’s specific project funding goes to Liuwa Plains National Park in Zambia, where there is an abundance of wildlife that is well worth protecting. Zebras, antelopes and lions, to name just a few, move freely in the park. The area has also been classified as Important Bird Area for 344 different bird species.

The project is expected to reduce poverty among the local population and provide jobs, partly through increased tourism. The park area is planned to expand and the work against poaching will be intensified.

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Worth fighting for. Africa’s animals and nature should be preserved for future generations. PHOTO: JEAN LABUSCHANGE / AFRICAN PARKS NETWORK