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The Postcode Foundation’s objective is to promote sustainable development by supporting non profit organisations and projects in Sweden as well as internationally in the areas of people, nature and the environment, culture and sport.

Project support is for a specific time frame and decisions are based on criteria from the Postcode Foundation based on effect, method, and relevance. Projects seeking funding should be economically attainable for the organization. Our support to projects is on average 2 million SEK , have a one year operating time, and range from policy to grassroots level.

Do you have a project idea?
Do you have an idea that can help make the world a better place? The Postcode Foundation receives and evaluates project ideas continuously throughout the year and generally responds to project ideas within 4-6 weeks.

The application process consists of several phases starting with a project idea. If we decide to proceed with your idea, we complete an internal organizational review and the together complete an application consisting of a project plan, budget, and schedule requested from the organization.
After our initial evaluation, we review each applications statutes, annual report, and registration documentation.

The Postcode Foundation has a thorough evaluation process where decisions for project support are made continuously. All projects must be approved by The Swedish Gambling Authority.

Submit your project idea and apply for support
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Criteria for Project Support:
• Non-profit organizations and projects
• Swedish relevance
• Serves a public interest

Evaluation Summary:

1. Short and long term impact
2. Potential to continue after the project’s end date
3. Ability to reach a large audience

1. Scalability of the project
2. innovative projects that use reliable methods

1. Addresses an urgent question/need
2. Of interest to a Swedish public
3. Communicable efforts

Support is not granted to:
• Members in The Postcode Association
• Politically or religiously driven organizations or causes
• Activities in the public sector
• Profit-driven projects or organizations
• Private individuals