The Swedish Postcode Foundation’s vision is to make the world a better place for people, nature and the environment. The Foundation operates by giving support to various projects carried out by different Swedish and international organizations.

Do you have an idea that can make the world a better place? You can apply for project support within two main areas: People´s Living Conditions and Nature & Environment. We provide fixed term project based support which is evaluated according to basic criteria as well as the Foundation’s assessment points. The Foundation accepts and assesses applications throughout the year. Once you send your application, the evaluation process will take between 4 to 6 weeks,

The application process consists of various stages; the first is to send a project idea. If the project idea fulfills our criteria, you will be asked to submit Organizational Information, and finally a complete application form consisting of Project Plan, Budget and Timeline is requested.

An important aspect in the assessment process is that the project has to be well-aligned with the Foundation’s goals and vision. Any financial support is preceded by a formal decision by the Postcode Foundation as well as the approval by the Swedish Gaming Board.

Reporting is done every six months and the project ends with a final report.






The Postcode Foundation gives financial support to different types of projects across geographic and thematic boundaries. The projects are usually 1 year-long and range from policy to grassroots level. This variety creates a dynamic collection of initiatives with effects on different levels, which results in positive changes and a better world. Project support is given to two major areas: people´s living conditions and nature and environment.

The Foundation’s support is time-limited and project assessments are done according to basic criteria as well as the Foundation’s evaluation points which are based upon Effect, Method and Relevance.

Apply for project support! Fill-out the form and send it to the Postcode Foundation. The complete application includes a detailed Project Plan, Budget and a Timeline. We also carry out an organizational analysis by focusing on the by-laws, annual reports and the certificate of registration.


Criteria for project support
Not for profit organizations and projects
Swedish Relevance
Operate for the public interest

Assessment Points

  1. The results of the project in the long and short term
  2. The potential of the efforts’ survival after the end of the project
  3. The project’s ability to influence a large target group


  1. The project’s scalability
  2. The project’s innovative characteristics as well as the use of proven methodologies


  1. The project tackles an important issue
  2. The project is of interest to the Swedish public
  3. The project’s activities are communicative
  4. The project’s scalability

Support is not given to

  • Members in the Board of Svenska Föreningen
  • Political parties or religious institutions and/or efforts
  • Organizations within the public sector
  • Private people
  • The production of films