Chat to prevent sexual violence

In Sweden 76 000 people were exposed to sexual crimes  during 2014. The majority of the exposed were girls and women and the majority of the perpetrators were young men and men. At the same time there are few recreational activities aimed at boys that also addresses questions concerning sexuality and relationship.Something that could prevent abuse.

Män för Jämställdhet will together with the Swedish Postcode Foundation in this project develop webbased counseling adressed to young men and men to prevent sexual abuse. At killfrå young men and med will be able to ask questions and get support regarding sexuality and relationships. Hopefully through this they will gain a bigger understanding on how gender roles affects both men and women in a negative way.

The project killfrå is operated by Män för Jämställdhet, a non-governmental, feminist organisation that strives for equal living conditions and against mens violence towards women.