In July 2013, the Root Capital communications team traveled to northern Peru to visit three coffee clients. These photos are from a visit to Unicafec in San Ignacio, Peru.

New opportunities for poor farmers

Approximately 75 percent of the world’s poor live in rural areas. Climate change has had a significant negative effect on farmers’ livelihoods around the world. In Central America, the biggest coffee producing region in the world, the fungal disease Roya is spreading, as a result of the changing climate. Roya affects the coffee plants with reduced or lost harvests as a result, affecting both individual farmers and the entire coffee industry. In recent years, over half a million people have lost their jobs due to those changes, and poverty has increased.

The Postcode Foundation supports the organization Root Capital, which works to improve the living conditions of people in rural areas of Latin America. In this project Root Capital offers the coffee cooperative financial support to buy new healthy coffee plants, as well as training and support on how to adapt their farming to the changing climate. As an example, the farmers learn about crop diversification that will reduce their dependence on coffee. They are also introduced to new farming techniques that are better adjusted to the changing climate. The project is expected to reach 40,000 small farmers in the area.