Planet earth is unique. It is the only known planet where humans and animals can live. Therefore, it is imperative for us to take good care of it.

The protection and management of Earth’s ecosystems is a problem of long-term planning. Unfortunately, some of the planet’s limits have already been exceeded – and now we need to act quickly. The Earth’s natural resilience is limited and must be respected so that serious consequences can be avoided.

Human activity is often stressful for the earth’s resources and threatens both biodiversity and nature’s resilience. All this requires focused efforts and initiatives. Making best use of our current knowledge combined with a willingness to change, is what we’re looking for when we invest in projects in this field.

Below you can read about some of the areas that are in line with a sustainable future and where the Postcode Foundation has given project support.




The world’s oceans are invaluable and play a critical role for all life on Earth. But the marine environment is threatened by overfishing, eutrophication and a variety of pollutants. For example, more than 200 000 tonnes of plastic are floating around the world’s oceans. Without any national boundaries, this pollution affects all mankind.  To contribute to the preservation of our oceans and their fauna and flora, the Swedish Postcode Foundation has supported projects led by the MSC Baltic Sea, Conservation International and IUCN.

Sir Richard Branson, ciceron för dokumentärserien Mission: Save The Ocean som PostkodStiftelsen gett stöd till. I tre avsnitt skildras arbetet med att motverka överfiske och skydda utrotningshotade arter.

Sir Richard Branson busy with Project Oceans; an initiative supported by the Swedish Postcode Foundation. The project is collaboration between MSC, WWF and Greenpeace in order to counteract excessive fishing and protect endangered species in the Ocean.


How goods are produced and consumed has a major impact on the environment. Small deeds, such as requesting products that have been prepared sustainably, can make a big difference. In order to be a part of and contribute to the consumption and production of sustainable products; the Swedish Postcode Foundation has given support to projects that have been led by One Acre Fund, Global Fairness Initiative, UTZ and Fairtrade.


Thanks to One Acre Fund; rural farm families in Tanzania can double their crops in the span of aVeronica Kikula, 47, from Negabihi, has been successful. PHOTO: HAILEY TUCKER/ONE ACRE FUND


Human activities have already caused visible climate changes; leading to big challenges ahead. The Foundation works with uniting different operators and leaders on a top political level, and supports various grassroots initiatives.  Projects led by Rocky Mountain Institute, The Climate Group, Waterkeeper and The Earth Institute are few examples  of organizations that have received support by The Swedish Postcode Foundation.

Jeffrey D. Sachs, the Earth Institute, during a visit to the Postcode Foundation to discuss the content of “An Action Agenda for Sustainable Development”. PHOTO: MAGNUS SANDBERG


Opinions about which species are the most important for each ecosystem vary. But it’s clear that maintaining the diversity and balance of our ecosystems is critical. Protection of mother Earth’s animals and nature is an obvious task for us and we do so by giving support to organizations such as Save The Orangutans, African Parks Network, Nordens Ark and Fauna & Flora.


Ben and Wigly are always together. Thanks to the organization, Save The Orangutans, they are able to live in a secure rainforest at Borneo. PHOTO: BJØRN & PIERCE VAUGHN/STO