All people have the same value, and injustices happen when this is forgotten. Continued injustices make it natural for us to work with peace, poverty reduction, and human rights.

Peace is a fundamental factor when it comes to achieving better living conditions and sustainable development. For us, peacebuilding measures are important both in a local context and on the highest policy level.

Poverty reduction is an area where the Postcode Foundation works with multiple stakeholders across the world. Here, resources are added to improve access to food, health, education, and to strengthen those who find it difficult to change their lives.

Human rights is about equal value and equal opportunity. With this in mind, we support projects that fight against all types of discrimination, whether based on ethnicity, gender, language, religion, disability, sexual orientation, age, or political opinion.

Below you can read in more detail about some of the organisations working with theses issues that have received support from the Postcode Foundation.


We believe that openness and equality are prerequisites for creating prosperous, democratic societies. In order to promote democratic development the Postcode Foundation has supported projects with the African Governance Initiative (AGI), Civil Rights Defenders, Kofi Annan Foundation, and The Oslo Center for Peace and Human Rights.



Tony Blair visiting a hospital in Freetown, Sierra Leone, to talk about health care reform for pregnant women, mothers and children under five.


Human rights are not about privileges or permission, but about the obvious right to live a life without violence, threats and misery. For this reason, the Postcode Foundation supported various projects run by for example, Human Rights Watch, Centre For Liberian Assistance and the Global Fairness Initiative.

 Human Rights Watch har dokumenterat den militära användningen av skolor i Jemen. Efter lyckade påtryckningar och förhandlingar har fler än 7000 elever kunnat återuppta sina studier. FOTO: PRIYANKA MOTAPARTHY/HRW

Human Rights Watch has documented the military use of schools in Yemen. After successful pressure and negotiations more than 7000 students have been able to resume their studies. PHOTO: PRIYANKA MOTAPARTY/HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH


Access to healthcare, clean water and sanitation is essential for good health. The Postcode Foundation primarily supports projects that work proactively with health issues, but can also provide rapid support when people’s lives are suddenly threatened. For example, we provided support to organizations working on reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, and to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and other diseases. Some examples are projects in collaboration with organizations like Peepoople, Grassroot Soccer, Shifo and mothers2mothers.

The organization mothers2mothers prevents HIV positive mothers from passing the infection to their children.


Children should be allowed to be children. They have the right to play, go to school, have enough food, have access to medical care and feel secure. But the reality is sadly different and children’s rights are often neglected. The Postcode Foundation wants to improve the lives of children worldwide and works with this on a structural and practical level. We have supported projects including organizations like War Child, New Venture Fund and Project Playground.

Project Playground provides meaningful recreation for children from poor backgrounds in South Africa. PHOTO: PROJECT PLAYGROUND

Project Playground provides meaningful recreation for children from poor backgrounds in South Africa. PHOTO: PROJECT PLAYGROUND