All people are born free with equal value and rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is as current today as when it first was written almost 60 years ago. The Postcode Foundation provides support to organizations that work to ensure that human rights are respected and upheld by everyone, everywhere. Supported organizations work with everything from local grassroots initiatives to global lobbying projects that promote causes such as; peacebuilding, children’s rights, gender equality, poverty alleviation, and health.

By working with a wide range of organizations and projects both in Sweden and globally, the Postcode Foundation aims to create an even stronger, safer, and more peaceful and equal world.

Below you can read more about some of our ​​projects within the area people:

Sightsavers eradicate blindness

Sightsavers have received economic support from The Swedish Postcode Foundation for their new project in Zambia. Sightsavers works to eliminate avoidable blindness, which is often caused by trachoma, the primary cause of blindness in the world. Around 84 million people suffer from this disease that effects mainly women and children. Their project will focus on training eye doctors to spread awareness about the disease in order to help prevent further infections in women and children.

Read more about Sightsaver’s work here:

Chat to prevent sexual violence

In Sweden 76 000 people were exposed to sexual crimes  during 2014. The majority of the exposed were girls and women and the majority of the perpetrators were young men and men. At the same time there are few recreational activities aimed at boys that also addresses questions concerning sexuality and relationship.Something that could prevent abuse.

Män för Jämställdhet (Men for gender equality) will together with the Swedish Postcode Foundation in this project develop webbased counseling adressed to young men and men to prevent sexual abuse. At killfrå young men and med will be able to ask questions and get support regarding sexuality and relationships. Hopefully through this they will gain a bigger understanding on how gender roles affects both men and women in a negative way.

The project killfrå is operated by Män för Jämställdhet, a non-governmental, feminist organisation that strives for equal living conditions and against mens violence towards women.

Girls are giving the opportunity to attend school

War and conflict has a devastating effect on the education and development of young people. According to UNESCO 58 million children are missing out from school and the majority of them are girls.

The Swedish Postcode Foundation has since the start of 2016 been supporting a Concern project to provide access to education to 5 600 Somali and Syrian children and has enrolled more than 100 volunteer teachers.

Concern Worldwide is an international NGO which works with communities in some of the most vulnerable and poorest countries in the world. In 2015, Concern directly supported 7.6 million beneficiaries through development and emergency response in 28 countries.

Photo: Concern Worldwide