Many of the projects supported by the Swedish Postcode Foundation are based in Sweden. Here, we support both local and country-wide initiatives to improve our society and protect our environment.

Although many in Sweden are well off in a global perspective, there are still a number of challenges. We are therefore working in areas such as anti-discrimination, integration inclusion and education.

We are also working to preserve Sweden’s diverse and vibrant ecosystem, maintaining its biodiversity and characteristic features across the country. Nature isn’t just there as a source of food and resources, but is also an important place for recreation and our future well-being.

Below you can read about some of the projects themes the Swedish Postcode Foundation supported in Sweden.


Being healthy is a prerequisite for a long and happy life. Working with health related issues is important when diseases or injury already have occurred, but also to prevent them happening. In order to contribute to good health in Sweden the Swedish Postcode Foundation supported various organizations such as Friskis&Svettis, Noaks Ark, Livräddningssällskapet and MOD – Mer Organdonation.

Friskis&Svettis run a special program for children with disabilities, refugee children, and children living in socio-economically disadvantaged areas. PHOTO: THOMAS CARLGREN


All children should have a safe and nurturing environment to grow up in. But even in Sweden, one of the best countries in the world for children to live in, there is still more that can be improved. We want to create the best possible conditions and help children achieve their full potential so that their childhoods are safe and full of joy. Therefore, we have chosen to support organizations working with children’s rights, such as Friends, Mattecenter, Barnkraft, Teach for Sweden and Giving People.

"Jag kan." Genom organisationen Teach For Sweden ökar skolbarns kunskaper – oavsett bakgrund.

“Pick me.” The organization Teach For Sweden is increasing schoolchildren’s knowledge – regardless of their background.


It is a human right to be included in society and not to be discriminated against. Diversity is enriching to society and in order to contribute to this goal, we have chosen to support organisations such as Skota Hem, RBU – Riksförbundet för Rörelsehindrade Barn och Ungdomar, Rättviseförmedlingen and Äldrekontakt.



Get your pulse going! RBU creates better conditions for disabled children and young people. Among other things, they give kids get great exercise with the help of a RaceRunning cycle. Photo: Alexander LINDSTRÖM


Few issues are more important than protecting and preserving our environment. Keeping it clean and vibrant is a prerequisite for wildlife and for our physical and mental health, both now and in the future. In order to engage and encourage future generations to support environmental actions in Sweden we have supported initiatives such as Håll Sverige Rent (Keep Sweden Tidy).

In 2014 more than 756,000 people participated in the campaign Litter Picking Days organized by Håll Sverige Rent Keep Sweden Tidy. The majority of those who volunteered were kids, students and teachers. Keep Sweden Tidy is also now one of the Lottery beneficiaries.