What we do

The Postcode Foundation promotes positive social development and seeks long-term solutions to global challenges. We do this by supporting projects in the areas of people, planet, culture, and sport. This variety creates a dynamic collection of multi-level actions, resulting in positive changes and a better world.

Previously, support was given to cultural projects from the Postcode Lottery’s Culture Foundation and sports projects from the Postcode Lottery’s Sports Foundation. Since March 2017 projects within all fields are supported by The Swedish Postcode Foundation.

Projects for positive social development
We support organization and projects both in Sweden and internationally that work to create positive change through concrete actions.
Therefore, we boldly support those who explore new methods and dare to be pioneers in their work. This can be, for example, by testing and developing new methods, or interacting with organizations that possess different expertise than one’s own.

Although we can only support organizations for a limited period of time, we hope that projects we invest in will have long-term effects. We believe that involving target groups and stakeholders in project implementation and design creates long term commitment as well as increases the chance of continued work after the projects end date. We also work actively with communication and encourage the sharing of knowledge in order to strengthen continued dissemination of efforts.