Art and culture touch the sprit and awaken emotions when argumentation, facts, and logic are insufficient. A democratic society needs both a diversity of voices and individuals that to dare to listen. The possibility of taking part in cultural life and developing creative abilities look very different depending on factors such as age, education, and place of residence.

The Postcode Foundation supports cultural projects that create positive change through concrete actions. With our project support, we hope to create more opportunities for people to participate in cultural life, experience a variety of cultural expressions, and to develop their own abilities.

Projects within the area of Culture were previously supported by the Culture Foundation of the Postcode Lottery. Since march 2017, The Swedish Postcode Foundation supports initiatives within the areas People´s Living Conditions, Nature & Environment, Culture and Sports.

Below, you can read more about some projects within the area of culture.

From the World into the class room

Even though a new generation is rising their voice in one country after another at the african continent demanding democracy,  this is a movement that is not covered by the media. The organization Blank Spot Project are  going to cover this issue from inside the african countries and stay for a longer time than what is usually possible for journalist, in order to give these democracy movements a voice. Through digital communication and a tool that enables live streaming to interract with the journalists when they are in the field, Swedish pupils can communicate with the reporters in their class room. This enables a greater understanding of journalism, how a journalist work and the role the media play in a democrazy. At the same time, this enables the teachers to discuss with the students the importance of having a critical approach to what is reported in the media.

This project is supported by the Culture Foundation of the Postcode Lottery.

A Scandinavian platform for documentary filmmaking

Good Pitch brings together documentary filmmakers with foundations, NGOs, campaigners, philanthropists, policymakers, brands and media around leading social and environmental issues. In this project, scandinavian film makers and producers are meeting eachother in a trainig program to forge coalitions and campaigns that are good for all partners, good for the films and good for society.  The Project will build the capacity of regional organisations to host their own Good Pitch events.

This project is supported by the Culture Foundation of the Postcode Lottery.

Re:visioning Congo - Sweden trough a dry plate archive

What is shaping our ideas about fellow humans when we havent met them in person? Images and conceptions that were created in the past are still influencing us. This initiative is focusing on the images that were sent home to Sweden from Swedish missionaires in Congo during the years between 1885-1930 and that were used in seminars all over Sweden in that time in public lectures about religion, life and culture in the African continent. These images have had a large impact on how the Swedes created their images of a whole continent. They are also lost Congoleese cultural heritage. This initiative aims at returning these images to Congo and to question old stereotypes about the African continent.

This project is supported by the Culture Foundation of the Postcode Lottery.