The power of sport is extensive. It not only has great importance for human health, success and personal development, but extends far beyond individual and team results. Sports bring together people across borders both geographically and culturally. It contributes to economic growth and positive social development. It inspires and gives hope.

The Postcode Foundation provides support for sports initiatives that contribute to social sustainability, cross-border cooperation, environmental action, public health, and / or human rights. The overall goal is to create positive lasting effects for large groups of people or in other words, contribute to sustainable development through sport and fitness.

Most of the projects within the area of Sports were previously supported by the Swedish Postcode Lottery’s Sport Foundation. Since march 2017, The Swedish Postcode Foundation supports initiatives within the areas People´s Living Conditions, Nature & Environment, Culture and Sports.

Below, you can read more about some projects within the area of sports.

Sport organizations get assistance in preventing eating disorders

A majority of children and young people in Sweden play sports or exercise regularly during their upbringing. Meanwhile, 4 out of 5 teenagers are dissatisfied with their body.

For the trainers, it is a challenge to help young people who, for example, show signs of eating disorders. Instead, due to the lack of knowledge, the coaches often avoid to handle the situation.

The organization Frisk och Fri (Healthy and Free) works to reduce and prevent eating disorders. The Postcode Foundation supports a project in which sporting organizations receive effective tools to help manage and prevent possible body complexes and eating disorders among their members.In this way, Frisk och Fri, along with the sporting organizations, contribute to more healthy members per se, but also to a healthier society in general.

The organizations cooperating with Frisk och Fri also have the possibility to get a certification on issues related to eating disorder and body complexes. The certification is a possibility for the organizations to prove their commitment and expertise on these matters.

Skateboarding & education empowering youth

“I always like to go high on the ramps. When I’m up there I feel free, like I’m flying. I like that feeling a lot.“ says the 14 year old female Afghan skater Hanifa. Skateistan is an innovative international non-­profit organization that uses skateboarding and education for youth empowerment. Over 1600 youth, aged 5­-17, attend Skate Schools in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. Through their programs, Skate and Create, Back­-To-­School and Youth Leadership, Skateistan aim to give youth the opportunity to become leaders for a better world.

This project is supported by The Postcode Lottery’s Sports Foundation.

Vimmerby IF is building a society for all, on and off the field of play

For Vimmerby IF what happens off the playing field is just as important as what happens on it. That’s why they have gone beyond ‘just’ playing football and have turned their attention to tackling the challenges they face in their community. Through study support, afterschool activities, language classes, and through a fun and innovative approach they are creating a more inclusive society for all.

This project is supported by The Postcode Lottery’s Sports Foundation.